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You’ve probably heard that online shopping can save you a ton of money. But how much you save actually depends on 2 things: what you buy and where you buy it from. 

We all know that Amazon, Taobao and Lazada are cheap – but how cheap? And more importantly, who is the cheapest?

The answer: None of them.

Instead, different products are cheaper on different sites. For example, computer parts tend to be cheaper on Amazon, clothes are cheaper on Taobao, and Lazada is the cheapest for perfumes! We’ve already found out what’s cheaper and where – so let’s dive straight in!

(All prices are in SGD)

Computer Parts

Intel 7th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processor i7-7700K (BX80677I77700K)

Amazon: $487 (Incl. Shipping)
Taobao: $515 (Excl. Shipping)
Lazada: $520 (Incl. Shipping)

In general, the prices are rather competitive but Amazon still tops with the cheapest price (which is often the case for electronics). If you’re going for the price, go for Amazon. If you need local warranty and faster shipping, head over to Lazada. The choice is yours!

Mobile Phones

LG V20

Amazon: $542 (Incl. Shipping)
Taobao: N.A.
Lazada: $562 (Incl. Shipping)

Once again, Amazon is the cheapest, but only by a small margin. It’s still good to note that in this case, the Lazada merchant does not give warranty and the only difference between Amazon and Lazada would be the waiting time!


I swear by Taobao. Seriously. There’s really no reason to go onto other sites to look for cheap, (sometimes) quality and fashionable goods! I binge shop on Taobao all the time and I love it because $200 can get me about 20 pieces of clothing – sometimes even more! If you don’t know how to use Taobao, you can find Taobao hacks here!!! The last time I shopped on Taobao, I spent almost $600… You’ve been warned.

Hobby Goods – Drones

Parrot Mambo Drone

Amazon: $150 (Incl. Shipping)
Taobao: $154 (Excl. Shipping)
Lazada: $231 (Incl. Shipping)

Even though the prices between Amazon & TaoBao are pretty competitive, I’d usually choose to go with Amazon – simply because it’s easier to process returns in English!


Chloe Signature Perfume

Amazon: $85 (Excl. Shipping)
Taobao: $128 (Excl. Shipping)
Lazada: $72 (Incl. Shipping)

How Lazada gets the prices soooo cheap, we’ll never know. But remember! Even if the prices are cheaper on Amazon or Taobao, you always need to think about whether the item requires HazMat packing (which can go up to $100+ per item!) – so it’s best to buy these items from local sellers! 🇸🇬

Before you go, here’s a list of 5 Golden Rules I live by: 

  1. Don’t buy online if you can’t wait – online shopping is often prone to delays
  2. Never buy on impulse online – there’s likely to be someone selling it for cheaper
  3. Buy second-hand on Carousell if you don’t need a brand new item
  4. Always. Check. For. Discounts. (Coupon codes, limited time offers, credit card rebates)
  5. Only buy online when it’s more expensive offline

And 6 bonus tips for you!

  1. Amazon tends to be cheaper for branded electronic products
  2. Search on the international Amazon sites (JP, UK, CN) for speciality products (Chinese books, Pokemon plushies, etc)
  3. Lazada will (almost) always be the fastest to deliver
  4. Taobao is ridiculously cheap for China-made goods (stationary, clothes, etc)
  5. If you can’t read Chinese, don’t buy something on Taobao that you might have to return – it’ll save both you and the seller a headache
  6. Watch out for return policies – Amazon (can usually be returned within 30 days – if fulfilled by Amazon), Taobao (depends on each individual seller), Lazada (can usually be returned within 14 days)

Happy shopping! 🛍

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