Step-by-Step Guide to using RateX on Amazon

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Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce merchants globally. It’s both a marketplace for millions of smaller merchants and sale of its own products. However, paying for overseas Amazon purchases tends to be slightly heftier because of a poor exchange rate. For instance, Amazon’s Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and your own debit or credit cards often overcharge you by up to 10% in currency conversion fees.

Through using RateX, you pay the lowest exchange rate for your overseas purchases. Using RateX might be confusing at the start, so let’s get started!

Step 1: Shop Normally on Amazon

RateX is a smart shopping assistant, so it will work hard in the background for you. So sit back and start shopping normally first.

Add to Cart

Once you’ve seen the items you like, remember to add them to your shopping cart.

Proceed to checkout

After you’re done browsing and finalizing your cart, you’re ready to checkout. Click “Proceed to checkout“.

Select a shipping address

Choose a shipping address to ship your goods.

If the items don’t ship to Singapore, you can consider using a freight forwarder instead. Read our guide on the best US freight forwarder. 

Choose your shipping options

After choosing your shipping classses, choose the delivery option. There are 3 delivery options to shop”:

  • Standard Shipping (9 – 12 business days)
  • Expedited Shipping (7 – 9 business days)
  • Priority Shipping (Usually 1 –  2 business days)

We recommend Standard Shipping if you do not need your purchases urgently.

Select your payment method

At this step, it doesn’t matter which card you use to pay, so feel free to click “Continue“. You’ll be prompted to input your actual card details later during checkout.

Step 2: RateX appears during checkout

After clicking “Continue“, you will reach Amazon’s checkout page to review your order.

Try all coupons

If there are existing coupons available, you’ll see RateX pop out like this:

You can browse the coupons available or simply click “Apply All” and try all available coupons.

If there are existing coupons, the one with the most savings will automatically be applied.

If there are no working coupons, not to worry – this is the lowest price you can go for thus far!

Click “Pay with RateX“.

Step 3: Pay with RateX

You’ll see a newly revamped RateX payment page like this:

Like before, you’ll see the final price to pay in SGD.

Compare exchange rates

You can compare different exchange rates when you click the information tip as follow:

Select Payment Method

When all’s good and you’re ready to pay, click “Pay”!

There are 2 options to pay: using RateX wallet or through your debit/credit card.

Option 1: Pay with RateX wallet 

If you’ve insufficient funds to pay, top up your RateX wallet through a bank transfer.

Option 2: Pay with debit or credit card

Add your billing address and card details:

Paying with RateX is very safe as we do not touch or store your card details in any way. Instead, we work with Stripe to collect and process your payments.

Finalize and pay 

Add your billing address and card details:

Processing your transaction  

This might take a little while, so don’t cancel the transaction yet.

Payment successful

If your transaction is successful and you activated clovers correctly, you’d be able to see both the amount you’ve saved through RateX and clovers earned.

That’s all!

Using RateX on Amazon is that simple.

We’re constantly making improvements and if you have any comments or feedback, feel free to email us anytime!

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