Sephora Shopping Hacks to get you more for less money

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It’s makeup shopping time. Your heart is ready. Your computer is ready. Your wallet? Maybe a little less ready.

So right before you disappear into your room for the next century to shop, let’s go through five simple hacks to make sure your wallet survives and you get everything you want.

1. Use the Sephora US site

*To get onto the Sephora US store, just type in “” and click the small cross on the top right hand corner of the pop-up to stay on the US site*

Sephora SG
Sephora US

Know this product? Everyone is raving about how it can be used as a CC cream, moisturiser and sunblock all at once… It’s SGD$62, but you know what? It’s USD38/SGD$52 on the US store. That’s SGD$10 in savings! Imagine if we bought multiple products…

And it doesn’t end there. Did you know Sephora SG only carries a measly 182 brands? But Sephora US has 303!

2. Buy the sets

‍Sephora Favorites Give me some Nude Lip

Don’t think. Just buy them. They’re so worth the money. Seriously. Look at this baby. She’s SGD$40 and she has 6 branded products. Six!!! Including stuff like Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss and NARS Velvet Lip Glide…. I’m crying inside already.

P.s. We have sets in the Singapore online store but the selection is so small (and nearly everything is sold out). Head over to the US online store for a bigger selection and more savings! (Just type in “Sephora Favorites” and you’re set!)

3. Look through the Tools & Brushes section

Sephora Collection Here’s The Skinny Brush Wrap (Black)
Sephora Collection Here’s The Skinny Brush Wrap (Teal)

My heart always aches when I walk by the brushes section in Sephora. I need these brushes so much but the prices will forever turn me off. So I went to check out a few websites and found that (once again!) Sephora US has saved me.

The Skinny Brush Wrap set has 5 different brushes at a crazy price of SGD$27.

It includes:

v Powder Brush

v Foundation Brush

v Crease Brush

v Allover Eyeshadow Brush

v Eyeliner Brush

When I browsed the on the Sephora SG store and selected the following brushes individually, the total price amounts to almost SGD$118. You save 80%! Seriously, what are you waiting for?

4. Buy online and beat the line

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

When this launched, people queued outside Sephora from 6.30am. How can anyone do that? How can you do that? Waking up before 11am on a rest day is illegal. So, we buy online. We buy online, get it before everyone else and skip the queue entirely!

5. Read makeup reviews

‍BareMinerals Matte Foundation SPF15

It’s like asking another 1000 girls for help before making the choice to sell your stuff to fund your makeup addiction. This is a must. There are a couple steps, so let’s go through it together.

v Type in “Best foundation 2017”

v Select a few that you like (Usually about 3-5)

v Once you’ve decided, look for specific reviews (e.g. Bareminerals Matte Foundation SPF15 review)

v Read, read and read

When it finally arrives in the mail and you start using it, your friends will ask you what foundation you use, but you can just say “I woke up like this” 😉.

p.s. you can also look at YouTube review & guide videos to find out whether to buy a product and learn how to use it once you have it in your haul!

That’s enough from me. It’s time to unleash your inner shopaholic and…

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