No Time or Cash For Staycay? Here’s How To Recreate Your Own Lloyd’s Inn At Home

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First world problems of Millennials like myself: want to vacay and staycay, but no money. What to do?

Think again. If you cannot staycay elsewhere, how about bringing staycay to you? All you have to do is to spend that last $300 you have on revamping your room! Since its a space you spend most time in, wouldn’t it be great if you are able to staycay all day err day?

White on white on white on white….

You can never go wrong with basic white walls, or white wooden blinds, or white hotel-grade bedsheets, or white anything. Trust me, whatever picture you take in your room will instantly be insta-worthy.

‍Source: Nordicskinnylove

Closets? Come on.

No need for the huge and bulky containers to hide away your treasures. Proudly present your aesthetics to the world and display your fashion favs on a hanging racks. Just like how Lloyd’s Inn does it.

‍Whitmor 6023-1168 Budget Garment Rack

What about those that hardly see the sunlight throughout the year? Hide them under your bed in jumbo storage boxes, if not, it’s time to throw them out, or donate to that neighbour whose dressing style irks you.

Household Essentials Jumbo Storage Box, Natural Canvas

For you lazy hard-worker.

Do away with a traditional work desk and get a side table where you can laze in bed while brainstorming your next award-winning business idea or marathoning OITNB on Netflix in your DIY hotel room.

Hanging in your room, literally

While unlike at Lloyd’s Inn, you probably won’t have the luxury of installing an attached bathroom or an outdoor garden in a flat. But no one’s gonna stop you from lounging around in your hammock chair by the window.

‍‍Joveco Natural Color Hammock Chair Tree Hanging Suspension

Non-green thumb indoor gardening.

Don’t forget to connect with nature while indoors and even during your everyday staycay.

‍Source: Amazon
Tip: Use artificial plants, no one will know if you don’t tell. 

The last thing you want is a stinky staycay room.

No hotel room should smell like trash, not even your own staycay room. Don’t use air freshener when you can get both aromatherapy and humidifier from a single air purifier.

Wood Grain Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier

Ultimately, it will cost you USD$267.54 = SGD$386.85 to make your bedroom into the next Lloyd’s Inn room. That’s almost half of one night’s stay in MBS, fyi. But for infinite number of nights of stay (assuming you’ll not move for a looooooooong time), I dare say you ultimately will spend close to $0!


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