Nintendo Labo Pre-Order Now Available on Amazon

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Nintendo Labo kits, DIY cardboard accessories for the widely successful Nintendo Switch console, are now available for pre-order on Amazon. The kits are set for release this 20 April 2018, and are already racking up orders from fans all over the world.

Since its announcement, the Nintendo Labo product line has the internet buzzing with discussion. On one hand, many are excited about the possibilities of the kits for the already popular console, while on the other, more than a few are skeptical about the price tag.

What is Nintendo Labo?

Nintendo Labo is a line of cardboard kits that users can construct into working accessories for the Nintendo Switch and its controllers that interact with corresponding games. The Nintendo Labo video and website has so far shown the following possible makes: a fishing rod, a mini-piano, motorbike handlebars, and the coolest of all — a robot backpack suit.

What’s all the buzz about the Nintendo Labo kits?

Labo Robot Punch Gif
(Source: Engadget)

You mean aside from the robot punching action and the opportunity to fish anywhere you want? For starters, it creates an entirely new gaming experience for both the young and the old. In a time when virtual and augmented reality are becoming the trend, Nintendo’s physical approach to gaming adds a fresh and innovative feel to the usually digitally-focused activity. The fact that the main material used is cardboard adds to the highly contrasting experience.

Imagine having to build your gaming tools before you’re actually able to play, then being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor in seeing the cardboard accessories work seamlessly with the console. Imagine the range of players being able to have fun with the Labo kits: casual gamers, serious gamers, families, grandparents and grandchildren, couples. If the product line continues to flourish, the possibilities are seemingly endless. The Nintendo Labo promotional video also suggests that it can become a robotics learning kit for children, which adds another dimension to the new product line.

On the other hand, fans and detractors alike are balking at the price tag. With either of the available kits costing US$ 70 and US$ 80, it’s not difficult to be taken aback by the price tags. Precisely because it is mainly composed of cardboard, critics worry that their money will be wasted on a product that uses a not-so-durable material — especially when it comes critics with children. With the Nintendo Switch costing US$ 300, buying expensive paper toys with paper isn’t exactly flying with everyone.

Nevertheless, it seemed to have worked well overall for Nintendo. The three-minute video raised Nintendo stock prices by 2.4%, effectively adding around US$ 1.4 billion to the company’s value.

Which Nintendo Labo kits are currently available?

Nintendo has currently made available the following kits for pre-order:

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit (US$ 69.99 + Shipping)

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit Amazon RateX
Nintendo Labo Variety Kit (Source: Amazon)

The kit includes: (2) RC Cars kits; (1) Fishing Rod kit; (1) House kit; (1) Motorbike kit; (1) Piano kit.

Nintendo Labo Robot Kit (US$ 79.99 + Shipping)

Nintendo Labo Robot Kit (Source: Amazon)

The kit includes: (1) awesome Punching Robot kit

Of course, you have to make sure that you have the Nintendo Switch console first, or know someone who has one.

Sounds awesome. Now, where can I buy Nintendo Labo kits?

Nintendo Labo are currently available only for pre-order on Amazon, Best Buy, and GameSpot. For Singaporeans, your best bet is in Amazon. You can check out our guide to hacking Amazon purchases from Singapore, or you can download the free RateX browser extension for the best exchange rates on Amazon.