Welcome to the Family: Rakuten, Courts SG, Reebonz, FortyTwo SG!

Rakuten Global Reebonz Courts FortyTwo RateX Online Shopping
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This week, we’ve got a big haul of new sites coming to you. We’ve got more awesome local sites for you to shop from through RateX, but first, we’re happy to welcome a visitor from Japan to the family: you can now use our browser extension to apply coupon codes when you shop in the Rakuten Global Market!

Joining as well are electronics and home appliances marketplace Courts SG and luxury brands online shop Reebonz.

Furniture marketplace FortyTwo SG has also joined the family, but you’ll have to wait a bit more for their coupon codes to arrive. Make sure to keep the RateX browser extension installed on your browser when you visit their website to stay updated.

For now, here are some coupon codes you can avail from our new members of the family. Happy deal hunting!

RateX Rakuten Global Market Online Shopping

RateX Courts SG Online Shopping

RateX Reebonz Online Shopping