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The RateX team has always been committed to helping you save on online shopping. Whether it’s giving cross-border shoppers the lowest exchange rates so they can save as much as 20% for each purchase, or trawling the web for coupon codes you can automatically apply on your favourite merchant sites  — we always strive towards helping you pay less when you shop online. And as of publishing this post, we are proud to say that we’ve saved Singaporean shoppers close to S$200,000 since we began operations a little more than one year ago in December 2016.

However, we also know that the RateX browser extension only works on…well, browsers, which means we can only help you save while you shop on your desktops or laptops. While it’s not unusual or particularly difficult to shop this way, it’s easy to miss out on deals that truly count when you’re out and about.

We began to ask ourselves: how do we help people save on their shopping even when they’re away from their browsers? And more importantly — how do we make sure our shoppers never lose sight of relevant deals and promos?

Today, in launching the RateS mobile app for Android and iOS, we’re taking a step towards addressing those questions. We’re working on bringing the full experience of the RateX browser extension over to mobile (more on that later on), but there’s a mobile-exclusive feature that directly addresses the gaps mentioned above: users can browse through and monitor trending deals online through the app so they can always stay up-to-date with relevant deals.

So without further ado, let’s get you up to speed with RateS!

What is RateS?

RateS Online Shopping Mobile App

RateS is the go-to app for top and trending online shopping deals. Think of it as an online deals aggregator, where users can browse deals and coupon from different merchants online. As when using the RateX browser extension, you can also apply coupon codes with a push of a button at the checkout page when you purchase items through the app.

How do I use RateS for online shopping?

Good question. We’ll outline the current core features below:

Discover Live and Trending Deals


RateS Online Shopping Discover Deals

RateS allows you to see the newest deals as they come along. Anything and everything on sale that’s relevant to the Singaporean online shopper can be found in our app. The deals are segmented into three sections: Daily deals, Popular deals, and deals with the highest Price Drops.

You can also Like deals to send them soaring through the Popular deals feed, and this will be crucial as we go along with further developing the app.

Browse and Apply Coupon Codes


RateS Online Shopping Coupon Codes Ratex

As with RateX, we’ve collated existing coupon codes for supported merchants in our app. In RateS, you’ll be able to find them in our Merchants tab. Upon clicking on a merchant, you’ll be redirected to their website through our in-app browser and you’ll be able to do your shopping normally.

Once you reach the checkout page, the RateS app will then be able to auto-apply all existing codes for the merchant site, and will automatically apply the coupon that will get you the most savings.

This feature is currently only available on iOS, but will be coming soon on Android. We’ll make sure to keep you posted when it becomes live on Android.

Save Favourite Deals for Big Savings


RateS Online Shopping Save Deals RateX

You can bookmark deals you want to keep an eye so you can monitor further price drops, or simply keep them in their Saved By You tab to purchase for later.

That’s pretty much it for now. We’re currently developing more features in the pipeline, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as they come along.

What should I expect in the coming weeks or months?

We’re working on bringing the full RateX experience to the app. Specifically, we’re looking to make the cross-border purchase function available through RateS, along with the promise of giving you the best exchange rates for the purchases.

We’re also building a search feature that lets you look for products within the deals section, and for specific merchants in our Merchants tab.

There are bigger developments ahead for the app, so keep your eyes peeled for more product updates on our Facebook page, or our newsletters.

If you’d like to learn more, visit the official RateS webpage, and if it’s the first time you’ve heard of us, you can also check out RateX, our browser extension (and our mobile app’s older sibling).

If you were a participant of the Prelaunch Campaign and need some info on how to redeem your rewards, visit the Redemption FAQs post.

For any questions or feedback, email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Download RateS now:

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