I got my Razer Mouses, Oakley Shades & 144hz Gaming Monitor For Free

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What if I tell you there’s a sure way to make money through shopping? Amongst the many click-bait articles out there, we hope this would really inspire you to earn some quick bucks while you shop online!

That is..Buy on Amazon and sell on Carousell!

We all know there are products that are cheaper in certain countries, and local retailers in Singapore marked them up for the convenience they provide. Check out another of our popular post “I Built My Gaming Rig For 25% Cheaper Using Amazon – Here’s How” to learn more on how to build a PC for cheap.

For starters, here are some items that will guarantee you a profit if you sell them on Carousell. For orders above US$125, Amazon provides FREE global shipping.

1. Bicycle Poker Decks

Bicycle Poker Decks – 12 for US$15.49

On Carousell:

Each deck sells for SG$5

Each bicycle deck will make you a neat profit of $2.20. That’s 278% net return in revenue! These decks sell like hotcakes and prices on Amazon fluctuates alot, be sure to check if its the historical low price before you get them.

2. Razer peripherals

Diamondback Chroma Ambidextrous for US$38.79

Deathadder Chroma for US$34.99

On Carousell:

Deathadder Chroma for SG$89
Diamondback Chroma Ambidextrous for SG$148

Razer fans ALERT – here’s how you can literally get those razer peripherals you craved for for free. The Deathadder Chroma literally cost $50 sgd on Amazon and you can make a neat profit of $39 on Carousell easily. For the Chroma Ambidextrous, its a staggering approx. $100 profit. That makes your initial purchase on Amazon FREE.

3. 144HZ Gaming Monitors

This cost US$180

On Carousell:

A list of gaming monitors selling on Carousell

We couldn’t find the exact model for our favorite 144hz gaming monitor – but here’s a snapshot of the general market price of gaming monitors on Carousell. The one that we got off Amazon cost $179 (approx. $220 sgd) and every single one on Carousell costs >$600. Thats 3X of what Amazon sells for. And that’s how you should be shopping – by getting two of it and selling the spare one to pay for the first

4. Oakley & Rayban Shades

Oakley Catalyst Polarized Matt Black for US$120

On Carousell:

Oakley Catalyst Polarized Matt Black for SG$290

The price for this pair of polarized Oakley Catalyst shown speaks for themselves.

Always check on Amazon before you purchase ANYTHING locally – ‘cause you might be able to get one for FREE just by selling the spare one when purchasing two on Amazon. In fact, you can always rinse and repeat this method to earn some quick bucks.

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