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In case you havent been informed, Amazon offers free shipping to Singapore if you shop at least US$125 worth of eligible products in your shopping cart.

Despite this amazing FREE gobal shipping offered, the sheer mass of items available make finding good deal difficult and confusing. This compiled hacking guide will make your Amazon shopping experience smooth, cheap and enjoyable.

Learn the fastest way to look for items

Camelcamelcamel: This site shows you the historical price chart of the item you are interested in and is an excellent price checker for Amazon. Gold Box Deals highlight catalogue items on lightning sales that have huge discounts that expire after 1 to 2 hours.

Another site to look into would be Amazon Warehouse – items that have been sent back to Amazon that are still in good condition and offered at less than 50% of its original price. Plus the best part of it is Amazon’s 30-day free return policy, so if it’s defective you can always return them easily

i. Select International Shipping first

Search for the item you are looking for in the search bar and zoom into to “Refine by” on the left

ii. To find eligible products available for FREE shipping to Singapore

Select Ship to Singapore first

Sign into account, and set location to Singapore.

Next, type into search bar the item you are looking for.

At the left side bar of the page, select “Ship to Singapore” and “Free International Shipping” as illustrated (above). The eligible products will be shown!

Go Prime (for free!)

‍If you haven’t heard of Prime, it is an annual membership that gives members free 2-day shipping without minimum order size when you shop on Prime is available for a 30-day trial, which works great for those shoppers that do not wish to commit just yet. However it will be automatically updated to a full-paid version after 30-days so do disable ”Amazon Prime Automatic Upgrade” under “Membership Information”

Avoid GST Trap

This is important. There is NO GST charged on packages worth less than SG$400 (tell me who has paid their Internet taxes dutifully, yeah I figured). If your basket of items go above SG$400, split your items into multiple orders to avoid GST charges.

Pay zero fees and real exchange rate

Not gonna lie, this is a promotional post. Use our RateX browser extension that offers zero fees and lower exchange rate. Just try it for yourself. You can save up to $18 for every US$125 that qualifies you for free shipping. No better money-saver than this. It is amazing 😉
RateX extension offers and automatically applies the best exchange rate at checkout for you. On top of that, it can also automatically search for coupon codes and applies the best coupon discounts for you so you dont have to do anything but save $. The best part? It’s free to download!

Our extension saves you a ton of money. For real.

Pay less for shipping


For purchases less than SG$125 and all the other stuff that Amazon doesn’t deliver, here’s another way to ship items to your home. UClick2Buy specialises in delivering from the US, and the moment you sign up with them, they’ll give you a U.S. address to use. One great service they provide is that they have a time & cost calculator to show you exactly how much your shipping will cost, and how long it’ll take for the package to reach you. The best part is, if you’re not sure how much it weighs, they even have a live quote service where you just type in the URL of your product and they’ll let you know exactly how much it’ll cost you! Convenient, efficient, and overall you can avoid double, or triple-paying expensive shipping charges.

Right now they are offering all our users 1st 500g FREE (worth $13.50) – so use promo code: “RateX” and save on your international shipping! 🙂

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