Get Amazon Free Shipping to Singapore here

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STOP! Why are you still paying expensive delivery fees from freight forwarders? Use AmazonGlobal Saver shipping today! It’s FREE and sends all your Amazon products right to your doorstep. In case you’re unsure of how to smoothly get your free shipping, we’ve got a 6-step tutorial for you!

Before we start off, there are a couple of terms & conditions from the Amazon website:

  1. Your shopping cart must have at least $125 of eligible AmazonGlobal Saver products
  2. Items must be eligible for the AmazonGlobal program and sold by Amazon
  3. Items can only be shipped to one address
  4. Offer doesn’t apply to items larger than 18” x 14” x 8” (about the size of a carry-on bag when you’re flying)
  5. Offer doesn’t apply to items over 20lbs (9kg)
  6. Offer excludes e-documents, software downloads, digital music, Kindle devices and accessories, and gift cards

Step 1: Type in what you’re looking for

Step 2: Select “Free shipping by Amazon”

Even though there’s a “Ship to Singapore” option, I usually choose not to select it because it removes ALL the products for me. Instead, when I’m looking at the items, I look at the next page as follows.

Step 3: Make sure the item ships to Singapore

Step 4: Checkout

Step 5: Enter/Select your shipping address

Step 6: Choose “FREE AmazonGlobal Shipping”

Oops! Doesn’t work?

Case 1:

Q: Both of them qualify! Why don’t I see the Free AmazonGlobal Shipping option?

A: When you add up the prices it hasn’t hit USD$125 yet 🤑

Case 2:

Q: Why did Amazon split my items into two shipments?

A: The second shipment is sold by a different merchant (47th street photo), it won’t work if not ALL the products are sold by Amazon. Unfortunately, “fulfilled by Amazon” isn’t enough…

Case 3:

Q: Why is there an error message?

A: Some items can’t be shipped to Singapore (unless you use a freight forwarder), so you’ll have to delete those items then continue with your shopping. Remember, after you delete that item your shopping cart still needs to have more than USD$125 worth of items! p.s. If the error message doesn’t appear and you still can’t do it, try to guess which item is problematic and put it under “save for later” then check if the free shipping works.

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