Why your friends always get cheaper deals than you

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Imagine this situation: You buy a brand new shiny LG OLED 4K 65″ Television for $4,300 – feeling pretty good you got it $200 off market price. Then as you’re boasting about how you haggled with the salesperson and got the best deal ever on the face on this earth – your friends tell you they bought it for $3,500… Why does this happen!?

To answer that question, we’ve compiled a couple of reasons why this happens and next time, your friends will be the ones asking you “Wah, how you get so cheap one???”

Your friends do their homework


Not exactly like this – but it means that they compare prices online and offline before they buy their product.

Places to check before buying Electronics:
Best Denki, Challenger, Harvey Norman, Courts, Mustafa, Amazon, Lazada, Hachi.Tech, etc

Places to check before buying Make-Up:
Sephora, Watsons, Guardian, John Little, Sasa, Zalora, Hush, Althea, Altcos, etc

Places to check before buying Alcohol:
Fairprice, Cold Storage, All the online alcohol stores (usually can get cheaper stuff if you pre-order up to 1 week or 1 day before), Holiday Inn store, or specialty stores like Harin Mart if you’re looking for imported goods like Soju (Only $9!!!)

Your friends wait for sales

When you’re buying stuff – don’t be a kanchiong spider. It’s like buying a plane ticket from Scoot on Monday, knowing that SG Take Off Tuesday is only one day away (p.s. If you didn’t already know, Scoot always runs discounts on Tuesdays). Same concept applies for other products! For example, if you’re looking to buy a laptop and you can wait, it’ll be smarter to wait for Cyber Monday than to buy straight away. Who knows, you might save hundreds of dollars and still get freebies!!!

Your friends buy in bulk

Warehouse Club

Why would you buy the spicy Korean chicken ramen for $7 a pack when you can get it at $5 if you buy 3 packs? It’s a lie when you say you can’t finish all of it… And you know it!

Here are a couple of places to buy things in bulk in Singapore:

  1. Warehouse Club
  2. Big Box
  3. EzBuy’s Friends Deal
  4. Toyogo
  5. Grouphunt

And so on!

Your friends buy second-hand

There’s no shame in buying second-hand goods, especially not when you’re saving so so much for a product that’s been barely used. You can easily find second-hand goods for almost anything – clothes, electronics, books, instruments, tools and of course, cars! What’s more, second-hand stuff is easily available. You can get stuff from Carousell, Gumtree, Thrift marts, Reebonz (handbags), Cash converters and more!

Your friends are just plain lucky

If your friend wins $9,000,000 from this, really, what can you say? That car that you took ages, and ages, and ages to save up for?!?! Well… Maybe we’ll be luckier next time.