Amazon Prime Day Is Coming: Guide To Shop and Win Deals

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What is Amazon Prime Day? Why do you need to take part in it?

It’s the biggest summer sale. Period. All of Amazon’s best deals WILL be here and you seriously don’t want to miss out. You can expect slashed prices – particularly on tech – and HUGE discounts on a whole lot of other goodies that you’ll definitely need.

When is it?

Amazon hasn’t officially said when Prime Day is this year, but our guess based on last year’s sale (12 July 2016, Tuesday) gives us the date 11th July… We can’t be 100% sure of the exact date, but it’ll definitely be in mid-July. Pinky promise. p.s. there’s a rumour going around that Prime “Day” may even last for a week! Keep your eyes peeled…

UPDATE Amazon Prime Day will be on the 11th of July this year!

“Do I need a Prime Membership to enjoy Prime Day?”

The short answer is yes. But it’s okay if you don’t have one yet because its completely free. You can simply sign up for a free 30-day trial just to enjoy Prime day and you don’t have to continue with the subscription after the trial period has ended, but remember to cancel before the trial period is up so Amazon doesn’t charge you (they won’t remind you before charging!).

What to BUY on Prime Day?


That’s not all. You can expect HUGE deals on Amazon products, like the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Kindle, Fire and so on! They were on 50% discount last year, and we’ve been hearing Amazon’s up to even more crazy price slashes this year.

Originally SGD$285 in local stores, get a pair of Bang & Olufson headphones at only $141 when you pay with RateX during Prime Day!

With thousands of products like this on sale, you’ll surely be able to get what you want at an awesome reduced price.

How to find, buy and ship the best deals?

1. Use Price-Comparison websites

Sneak peek at the deals on camelcamelcamel

Camelcamelcamel is a great website that tracks millions of products on Amazon and alerts users when prices drop. It’s the best website for sales because during events like Prime Day, lots of sellers mark up their prices to show a huge discount tag of 70%, when the actual discount is only a couple of dollars. To avoid getting scammed and ripped off, camelcamelcamel gives you the price history of the product and informs you of any price changes the product has had in it’s listing history, as well as compares prices with other sellers. Soooo nifty and efficient. I love it. Think you’ll love it too.

Slickdeals is another great website that has a community dedicated to sharing, rating and reviewing deals and coupons. They don’t exactly compare prices, but they sieve out the best deals and if you’re not sure whether you should get an item, just head over to slickdeals to look at other opinions with regards to the price, specs and more!

2. Download the Amazon App

Not because you’re the biggest Amazon fan on the face of the earth, but because there’s the watch-a-deal feature.

Watch-a-deal reminds you when there your lightning deals coming up. The deals are time sensitive and you can only buy them at certain times of the day! You won’t miss another deal when you’ve got the app downloaded and ready. Just remember not to turn off the notifications for the Amazon app, if not the feature won’t work 🙁

3. Freight Forward Them!

Crap. Your shopping cart is full of stuff but half of it doesn’t ship here. Are you going to delete all those items that took you painstakingly long to choose? Of course not! It’s time to use a freight forwarder. Using a freight forwarder is almost as easy as simply checking out.

For all the stuff that Amazon doesn’t deliver, comGateway will! They specialise in delivering from the US, and the moment you sign up with them, they’ll give you a U.S. address to use. One great service they provide is that they have a time & cost calculator to show you exactly how much your shipping will cost, and how long it’ll take for the package to reach you. The best part is, if you’re not sure how much it weighs, they even have a live quote service where you just type in the URL of your product and they’ll let you know exactly how much it’ll cost you! Convenient, efficient, and overall you can avoid double, or triple-paying expensive shipping charges. Hurray!

p.s. if you want to skip this entirely, just remember to click on the “Ship to Singapore” option before you start selecting your items.

Select “Ship to Singapore” on the left hand column before searching for the products

4. Compare the prices with local e-commerces & retail stores

Another really really important thing to do is to check the local stores first. Even though it’s unlikely that they’re cheaper, using websites like will compare a list of prices from physical retail stores just for you. Get the benchmark price for the product you want before you decide! Enjoy your Prime Day and happy shopping 🛍.

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