5 Chrome Extensions Every Student Ought to Know

Reading Time: 2 minutes

One of the best things about Google Chrome is the amount of extensions available. But amongst the infinite extensions in the Google galaxy, which ones are the best?

Here are our team’s top 5 pick for every student

1. Google Scholar

This button almost made me cry with tears of joy. Citing is essentially a piece of cake with this. Start your browser, click on the Google Scholar button and type in the elegant window the phrase you want to cite. Ta-da, you have a proper formatted citation just a click away.

All references in the form you ever need #goals

Chrome: Google Scholar

2. Hola VPN

With a ton of VPN out there, my personal favorite is Hola. Many times we need to access sites that have restricted region/country access e.g. hulu – USA. VPNs basically encrypt your traffic and hide your identity with total anonymity. VPN extension overcomes the technical hurdles faced during VPN clients configuration; simply put it works when you download it!

Access any websites from anywhere in the world at one spot

Chrome: Hola VPN

‍3. Honey

Honey does coupon-hunting for you. There is no registration involved – no requirement to create an account or deal with annoying captchas, email verification nor opt-in or opt-out games. Whether you are a frequent online shopper or not, it doesnt hurt to have Honey installed to see if it can help save a few bucks here and there. Sweet.

The extension looks for all available discount codes on the Internet and does it for free. :love:

Chrome: Honey

4. Adblock Plus

This extension helps you get rid of pesky pitches from the Internet. It blocks obstructive ads on web page and gets you to where you want without going through numerous “X” on tabs. However, advertisers like The Financial Times, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Taboola are amongst the advertisers to choose to pay up and let their ads clog up your browser. No free lunches in the world.

Ad-free Internet experience? Priceless

Chrome: Adblock Plus

5. Strict Pomodoro

Pomodoro (Technique) helps student immensely by giving them a ticking clock to race against as they try and get a job done. But for others who waste time on the Internet, Strict Pomodoro is here to help. It not only adds a timer to your browser but also effectively blocks sites that might distract you.

Discipline is all we need to succeed in college. Period

Chrome: Strict Pomodoro