12.12 December Sales – The FINAL Mega Discount Day of the Year

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Everyone’s heard of 11.11 Single’s Day, but have you heard of 12.12 yet?! The last, final mega sale of the year, it’s the best time to do all your Christmas shopping right now! Rather than rushing to the malls a couple of days before the big day itself only to find out everything’s sold out (😱), why not do it online, at a ridiculously discounted price?!

Just like 11.11 Single’s Day, 12.12 was also started by Alibaba. This is only the third year that it’s been formally held, but of course, as with all Alibaba sales, we can expect this year’s sale to be even bigger and better. What’s more, both international and local stores have jumped onto the bandwagon and are celebrating 12.12 sales of their own!

These stores include Lazada, Harvey Norman and more! We’ve listed down 8 stores that we think will give amazing deals this 12.12…

Here we go 💪

1. Lazada Online Revolution

My go-to website to shop on, Lazada is throwing a three day extravaganza for this year’s 12.12! This isn’t a sale to them – it’s a revolution.

My personal favourite has got to be the surprise boxes. All of these branded boxes go for $29 each, but they’re all worth at least $100 each!!! I’ve heard that boxes can run out in minutes, so it’d be wise to get ready for them right when the clock strikes the hour.

This year, Lazada has even partnered with AccorHotels and Dumex to get us some amazing offers, but the details themselves will only be released on 12.12, so stay tuned!

2. Zalora’s Online Fever

More than 22,000 items on sale!

Getting ready your outfit for Christmas? There’s no better time to buy your clothes than sale time! 🎉Not only limited to clothes, with brands like Esprit, Kipling and RayBan offering mad discounts, it’s high time to accessorise as well! ⌚️ Also, the 60% discounts are just part of their teaser specials, so it’s probably a good idea to sign up for their mailing list for more!

3. Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman is being pretty sneaky, so we don’t have anymore information on this.. But hey, a whole ton of discounts across an entire range of items? We don’t see why not 🤑

4. Noel Gifts

If sending flowers and hampers during Christmas are your thing, it’s time to make use of Noel Gifts’ coupon code. If you’re not sure what kind of gift to get, you can’t go wrong with hampers 🎁

5. GNC

Getting ready for a “new year new me” resolution? Perhaps getting some supplements and vitamins is just what you need for that extra oomph to actually start on them! 😂

6. Qoo10

When Qoo10 says it’s a grand sale, it really is a grand sale. There are a ton of sales and offers going on, ranging from Flash Deals (I love these, they’re always soooo exciting), Super Brands Sales, and even a live auction!!! There’s just so much going on… In fact, on the 11th of December, they even put up an Acer Laptop for sale at just $229!!! Seriously, these deals are not to be missed. (Tbh, even if you just buy and sell, it’ll be a quick profit in the pocket!)

7. Prime Now 

Amazon Prime Now is also hosting a 12.12 sale, and although I thought that they would only have a small selection of items… I looked it up myself and I was so wrong 😱 They’re putting the whole range on sale, from automotive products all the way to baby products!

8. Taobao

Of course, saving the biggest for last… We have Taobao!!! With EzBuy down (😭😭😭), things have just gotten a whole lot harder, but there’s no fear because we still can buy direct from Taobao! Sneak peaks show many stores giving a 10% discount, but that’s just the standard. Pretty sure everyone will be able to find stuff at a crazy reasonable (or just plain cheap) price. Before you head off on your shopping adventure, we’ve also curated a TaoBao tips post right here!

That’s it for now! Merry Christmas, Happy Shopping and have a wonderful New Year ✨